What is roto-molding, and why is it a preferred method for making playset parts?

Rotomolding, or rotational molding, is the preferred method for making slides and other swing set components because it creates exceptionally durable products. The process involves slowly layering resin under low pressure, reducing stretching and resulting in a stronger and longer-lasting final product compared to high-pressure molding methods. This ensures that playset components made through rotomolding can withstand years of use and provide robust, Herculean strength.

What types of materials are used in your roto-molded products?

All of the products manufactured at the TUSK facility are crafted using high-quality resin. We take pride in ensuring that our roto-molded products are free from harmful chemicals, providing you with safe and reliable products for you and your family.

Are your products UV-resistant and weatherproof for outdoor use?

Yes, our products are designed to withstand outdoor elements with excellence. Both our resin and colorants are formulated with UV protectants, ensuring exceptional UV resistance.

What is the weight limit for your products, and are they suitable for kids of all ages?

Our in-house manufactured products have a 250 lb. recommended weight limit and are strong enough to support kids at play. We also use rounded corners and edges, alongside offering soft grip chains, to ensure that our products are fun and easy to play for all children, both big and small.

Can I purchase a complete swing set from TUSK?

We offer swing set parts but do not sell completely assembled swing sets. However, as a supplier of parts to many reputable brands, call our team and we can give you a referral so you can purchase a fully built set that still uses TUSK parts.

Shipping & Installation

Can I install these products myself, or do I need professional installation services?

Certainly! Our products are designed for DIY installation and if you choose to do it yourself we have a few helpful tips.

  1. Make sure you have at least two people helping with the installation process to help it go smoothly and enhance safety.
  2. Utilize power tools to help expedite the installation process and make sure you have the necessary tools on hand and prepped before starting.
  3. Keep a ladder nearby as depending on the products you have, it may be necessary for certain stages of installation.

The installation process is considered intermediate to expert comfort levels. If you’re not comfortable with DIY projects or lack experience, we recommend seeking professional installation services, especially for items like slides. 

Professional installers can ensure the proper assembly and safety of the product. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact our customer support for guidance.

Are there any assembly instructions to help with installation?

Yes, we include assembly instructions for your convenience.

Is hardware included?

For any product requiring assembly, hardware will be included in your purchase and delivered with assembly instructions.

Mounting hardware must be purchased separately. For any questions on the hardware needed for assembly or mounting give our team a call at +1 (717) 556-8193

How long does it typically take for orders to be processed and delivered?

All of our lead times are subject to inventory levels and demand. However, on average you can expect it to take 6-10 weeks for slides and 2-3 weeks for accessories. If you have further questions regarding order times, feel free to reach out to our team.

How will my slide come packaged?

All of our slides ship freight and customers are responsible for offloading those freight shipments. Please note that those orders will come boxed or palletized and that the individual slides weigh approximately 250 lbs.

All of our accessories ship via UPS / FedEx ground. Please note that the shipping method is subject to change based on the quantity of items being shipped in your order.

Returns & Warranty

Are there any warranties or guarantees that come with your products?

All manufactured products (items molded/assembled in our facility) are eligible for replacement during the first 5 years. Claims are handled directly by TUSK for your purchases, while resellers must manage claims for their customers. Exclusions to these warranties include improper storage, non-intended use, and commercial settings. To view our full warranty click here.

What is the return policy in case I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

To view our full 30-Day Return policy click here.

Please call our Customer Service Team within 24 hours of delivery if you have any issues you need immediate support with.

Do you offer replacement parts if any components of the slides or accessories become damaged?

After completing a verification process to ensure the equipment was used appropriately, yes.


Do you offer bulk pricing or discounts for larger orders or for businesses?

Please call our Customer Service team for a quote and details on wholesale pricing.

Do you offer custom colors?

A select number of custom colors are available for our wholesale customers. Please contact us for more information.

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Get Expert Custom Rotomolding Help

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