Your Rotational Molding Experts
  • Your Rotational Molding Experts

  • Rotational molding, or rotomolding, is the process we use to turn resin powder into playset parts, so you can enjoy big, bold fun to last a lifetime.
Our Process

What Is Our Rotational Molding Process?

Learn how TUSK creates the very best rotomolded playset parts that can stand the test of time.

  1. All our products start as high-quality resin beads which we pulverize into a fine powder ready to be re-imagined into a playset part.
  2. Next, our resin powder is then mixed with colorant and dye resulting in a variety of bold and beautiful color options. 
  3. This colorful mixture is then transferred to a mold within one of our 5 ovens that gently heats, rotates, and creates layer after layer of thick unified plastic.
  4. Once the final product is removed from the oven and cooled, our team inspects and hand trims the excess plastic for a smooth finish that's ready to ship to you.
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Get Expert Custom Rotomolding Help

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